Thursday, September 2, 2010

Yes, We Eat Goat. So What?

It's Labor Day weekend. For some this means a three day weekend, or the opening of dove season, or the long awaited start of college football. And as much as love those things as well, for Brady, it means Goat Cook Off Weekend. We don't even say Labor day. We just say "Hey, will you be home for the goat cook off?" "Hey will I see you Goat Cook Off Weekend?" Even though there is large number who absolutely do not care about this, I look forward to it so much. It means that I get to relax at home with my sweet family and see some of my best and closest friends. And after the ever so stressful week we've had at work, I couldn't ask for anything more.


I'll be a happy girl tomorrow at noon. These are the lovely things I have to look forward to:
-cuddling with my sweet cat
-giving my daddy a big kiss on the cheek
-pedicures with my mom and darling little sister
-catching up with so many old friends
-delicious food
-running the Goat Gallop with my whole family
-high school football
-better yet, college football
-the best sonic in the country
-my ipod stocked with some great new music
-and best of all, my handsome boy coming to the city the day after I get back
Oh boy!

Ps, Can I please take that adorable outfit with me?


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