Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Naturals Always Get Me.

My boyfriend looked through my closet one day and sweetly informed me of my love affair with greys, tans, whites, and blacks. Apparently those colors take over most of my closet and continue to by the minute. I leave for Alabama tomorrow for some lovely summer days with my boy and as I'm packing, I'm trying to throw some colors in my luggage to prove the boyfriend wrong, although the choices are slim in the color department. This line by Andersen & Lauth has me swooning and wishing I could throw every piece into my red suitcase. Yes, they are the forbidden colors, but aren't they just lovely?

Alabama awaits, and I postively could not be anymore excited!


Friday, May 21, 2010

Goodbyes Will Never Get Easier.

And here it is, the last two days in the big country. I'm super excited for a new beginning and the big move but I'm bummed to leave friends and the comfort of this town. But it's okay, because I'm even more excited about whats to come. I sure have a long weekend ahead of me. My darling Abby is coming in tonight and I can't wait to go out with her. We are so behind on catching up and some conversations are needed. Oh, and my room is so bare. It's a little depressing but that's when I think of all the ideas I can't wait to put together in the apartment, and I have to tell myself to calm down before I start painting everything I own and buying out every thrift store.

Photo by: Apartment #34

Here's a toast to spending all weekend in your best dress, just because you know you look so lovely.


Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thank You Work for Putting a Party in My Day.

Work Parties sure are interesting. Everyone takes part just because they are so excited to have something break up their monotonous day of country radio and paperwork. My work had a party for me this afternoon since tomorrow is my last day. As much stress and annoyance this place has caused me, it's nice to know I'm loved by these crazy people. From the popcorn Fridays to being a part of the "cool table lunch group" this has never been a boring envinronment. They bought two cakes for the festivities today and they were so delicious. I also got a cute card to take home with sweet messages from everyone. Oh dear, gotta love work.

Photos by: Heart Of Light

Did I enjoy the cake you might ask? Why yes, yes I did. Will I have to run an extra mile tonight because of how much I enjoyed that cake? Why yes, yes I will.


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Time to Come Back Down.

Photo by: Aubrey Road
My head has been in the clouds all day. With a load of packing that needs to get done along with a to-do list that stretches to Del-Rio, I just can't focus at work today. But there are only two more days left at this desk before I'm at new one in a new city. Maybe that's the real reason it's hard to get any work done. Either way, those clouds out my window, have looked inviting all day long.

Monday, May 17, 2010

I wish I Loved You More, Mondays.

I share a love/hate relationship with Mondays. When I have to come in at eight in the morning from a perfect weekend at home, I'm leaning really close to the hate side. When I remember my roommates will home tonight and One Tree Hill finale is tonight, I'm pulled back over to the love side. It's a constant push pull. But how could anyone really ever just love Mondays? That would be a very optimistic, postively, shiningly happy person. I mean, I'm guessing so.

Happy Monday, lovies! I hope these pictures put a smile on your face just like they did mine.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Hey Daddy, Turn It Up.

1. David Gray / Please Forgive Me
2. John Mellancamp / Small Town
3. Rod Stewart / That's All
4. Pearl Jam / Just Breathe
5. Joshua Kadison / Jessie
6. Van Morrison / Moondance

My dad and I have always been super close. We're a lot alike and share quite a few of the same interests. One of those being: music. He has the greatest taste in music. I'll come home for a weekend and he has a list of songs that he has heard randomly and wrote down just so he can share them with me in his jeep on a Sunday afternoon drive. It's so adorable to see how excited he gets over great lyrics or an awesome introduction. He's the reason most of my ipod space is consumed with Rod Stewart and John Mellancamp, along with some others that might make you pause as you scroll through my songs looking for your favorite. So this week's playlist goes to my Daddy, in all his i-live-with-four-girls-and-i'm-still-so-manly glory.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Wedge You Please?

It's a new obssesion really. But not yet an addiction. Oh, wedges. I love every pair I see. I love the look they give. Dressy with height, but casual with sandal straps. I wear the pairs I have entirely too much and my new philosophy is you can never have too many. The summer time calls for them, in every outfit. I found a couple of treasures online that had me swooning. Maybe I should grab one of these and say it's because of the people I work with. They need some new wedges to stare at.
My sister and I are going to Josh Abbott tonight. I'm so excited to take her out!
ps, It's Thursday, welcome to the final lap.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Toast To...

a really great collection of fragrances.

using rainboots as a vase.

inspiration boards.

jumping on the bed.


a bike ride in the sunshine.

this. And how I wish I had thought of it.
I move in less than two weeks. Ohh yes.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Girls Weekend.

It's finally here! I've spent all day getting things done and packing up for Jesse's Bachelorette Party. Two days with great friends and plenty of sun. We're heading out in the morning to spend some time at Erin's lake house and relax in the sunshine. A weekend with the girls sounds divine right about now. Absolutely divine.

Photos: Apartment 34

Enjoy your weekend, dolls. However you choose to spend it!


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Neatest of All Neat Things.

So my boyfriend goes to Auburn University. It's far from me. 882 miles to be exact. But that school really is amazing and even though he doesn't get to walk me to class, meet me for quick lunch dates before work, or cuddle up to watch Parenthood with me, I'm glad he goes to such a neat school and gets to experience the lovely town of Auburn. I've gone to visit a few times and it's just gorgeous there. I absolutely love it.

But anyways, I'm also a huge Taylor Swift, along with every other 15 year old girl in the universe and Drew told me about a thing that some guys at Auburn started back in March called a Hug From Taylor Swift. They formed a website with videos and their plans to meet and she answered back, giving them different challenges to conquer. Long story short, the other day Drew called me telling me Taylor Swift came to Auburn and did a suprise show for them! How neat is that?

The whole story is on their website and it really is the neatest thing. How creative all the videos are and the way they got so many peolpe involved.
All that to say, you really need to check this out:


I've wished many times, for many reasons, that I went to Auburn sometimes. Never have I wished that I went there more than when Drew called me that day.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Dreaming the Week Away.

This will be shorter than usual but only because I am beyond busy. Unfortunately. How I wish I could lay outside under the sun to Rosie Thomas playing in the background. But alas, a week from now, I will be enjoying the lake and girly conversertions with some dear friends. I can not express how badly that is needed right now. In other news, this is my very last week of school ever. That will be a grand cause for celebrating this weekend.

Photos by: A Cup of Jo

I'm more than ready for celebrations of all kinds.
This week will be conquered, and I will be a thrilled girl.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Spade's Spring.

photos: Kate Spade

The flowers blooming in our yard and the soundtrack of the birds is a for sure sign of spring. And I'm soaking it all in. I don't think I have ever been more ready for warmer weather than I was this year. As much as I love my gold coat, I was ready to hang it up and pull out the flowy tops and sandals. Speaking of spring, Kate Spade's new spring line has me swooning. The bright colors and sophisticated looks are just what I need this summer. Plus some sun-kissed skin and the aviators. Well darlings, I'm off to enjoy this lovely weekend.