Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thank You Work for Putting a Party in My Day.

Work Parties sure are interesting. Everyone takes part just because they are so excited to have something break up their monotonous day of country radio and paperwork. My work had a party for me this afternoon since tomorrow is my last day. As much stress and annoyance this place has caused me, it's nice to know I'm loved by these crazy people. From the popcorn Fridays to being a part of the "cool table lunch group" this has never been a boring envinronment. They bought two cakes for the festivities today and they were so delicious. I also got a cute card to take home with sweet messages from everyone. Oh dear, gotta love work.

Photos by: Heart Of Light

Did I enjoy the cake you might ask? Why yes, yes I did. Will I have to run an extra mile tonight because of how much I enjoyed that cake? Why yes, yes I will.


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