Sunday, September 27, 2009

Slight Chance of Snow.

I'm a tad possessive of my Sunday afternoons. That's right, I love getting a message from the Lord and having all afternoon so soak it in and enjoy the day. I'm a fan of relaxation. I'm a fan of writing. I'm a fan of sleeping. I'm a fan of conversation. I got a piece of each of those things this afternoon, making my Sunday complete. I also got to indulge in a pretty fab Mexican meal at a church dinner which I can just say was the cherry on my "sundae".

I'm amazed at the love I feel from my Jesus. The blessings that unexpectedly remind me of that love. The people placed in my life to share with me that love. Even though I may be struggling with contentment, the Lord has shown me in the little things, such as a comfy spot on our velvet couch to laugh with my three favorite girls and a mother who always lets me know how much I'm missed, that there is no other place I'm supposed to be. Thank you Lord for putting me in this moment. For allowing me to mess up and loving me despite my imperfections. I think the possessiveness of my Sunday afternoons come from the fact that that's my day to slow down, soak in my Father's love. And to thankfully come out relaxed and refreshed, drowning in the love that washes me white as snow.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Toasts and Spills.

There are good things in life and then there are things that aren't as fun. And by that I mean bad. So to the good things, the things that make you want to freeze that moment for fear you'll never feel that way again, I give a toast. I raise my glass to you. Where as the bad things are more like a spilled drink. Where you have that moment that you just think "Well shoot, my meal would have been much better without this happening. I can't raise my glass to you, because it is now empty and dripping all over my Banana Republic skirt." You, bad things, are my spill.


Hanging Shelves: Okay, yes I'll admit I am not the one hanging them but I am witnessing my roommate tackle the task, and it seems to be a bit of a challenge. Hanging it and then having to move it stinks because the first hang leaves scars. Yes, big screw hole scars, all over our cute purple wall. Hang in there Mer, keep your eyes on the goal.

882 Miles: That's how much distance is between me and the man who's stolen my heart. I'm not a fan of all those miles. I want to call him and be able to say, "Hey boyfriend, come over, let's spend the evening together cooking a yummy meal and watching our favorite movie." But unless someone invents a teleportation device real quick, that's not happening. I'll keep an eye on the news.

Bono: Take your sunglasses off. Please. I think I could do without your repetitive "ohhhhh--ahhhhh" and your retro lights. Wait, yes I could do without it.


Lady Antebellum: This band is great. Like the kind where you know any song you hear from them will quickly become your favorite. Not to mention, she has a voice that makes me actually stop singing along so I can hear her sing. Which I rarely ever do, I'm a singer alonger, always. Unless, she has the voice of an angel, to which I will raise my glass and give you a toast.

Time Off: YES. I get to travel that 882 miles and spend four days with my best friend. And enjoy some great SEC football. And Zaxby's. And see some of my favorite people. This is going to be great trip. And my excitement is pretty much off the wall. Manuel (my boss), I raise my glass to you for giving in and letting me take off, I will stamp seven more deposits a day just for that.

Roommates: These girls keep me laughing, healthy, and safe. Between one being in nursing school, one being super creative and artsy, and another always reminding me to lock the door, I am a healthy, safe girl living in the cutest house ever. I like that I enjoy nights at home just because they're fun to be with. Girls, I raise my glass to you and your patience with me and my terrible living habits.


Twenty things about me. Because I know you're dying to know.

1. My father is the greatest man I know. The love I have for him is stronger than any love I've ever felt. It's a blessing really.

2. I wish so badly I had more reasons to wear high heels, instead of having to create my own reasons.

3. My boyfriend lives 882 miles away from me. God has something up his sleeve with this. But in the meantime, I don't ever take a quick kiss from him lightly.

4. I live with three of the sweetest, most amazing girls you'll ever meet. It's fun. And it makes me happy.

5. I have an obsession with wedding photographers and their blogs. Mainly Jasmine Star.

6. Don't be alarmed if I bust out in a crazy dance, with no music, or no warning. I'm just expressing myself.

7. Traveling piggy back quickly puts a smile on my face. Drew stays on high alert for anytime I may jump on.

8. I'm a new fan to Alabama football. But I'm quickly becoming pretty loyal.

9. Sometimes I debate paying all my life's earnings to meet Taylor Swift. Lately I've been leaning toward, "Yes Do It."

10. A day started off in the Word teaches me so much. My Jesus loves me unconditionally and it's such an awesome feeling.

11. My boyfriend is my best friend. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

12. I love having a sweet, passionate mother who knows me better than anyone. I love learning from her.

13. I'm a clean freak. An "everything has its place" kind of girl.

14. I will never be able to show my sisters how much I truly love them. But I can keep trying.

15. I tend to have a little trouble with vulnerability. I'm working on it though. Me and God are working on it.

16. I put entirely way too much salt and pepper on anything I eat. And I mean anything.

17. My new top thing on my wishlist is an adorable pair of cowboy boots. Yes, I'm a small town girl from Texas who doesn't have any. And the more I think about it, I'm pretty shocked myself.

18. I like when I have a "good curls" kind of hair day. Makes me not feel so bad when I straighten those suckas out.

19. I enojy friendship. Having someone know you well. Getting to know someone well. Doing life together. It's great.

20. I'm new at this blogging thing. You may have to give me a break for a while.