Sunday, September 27, 2009

Slight Chance of Snow.

I'm a tad possessive of my Sunday afternoons. That's right, I love getting a message from the Lord and having all afternoon so soak it in and enjoy the day. I'm a fan of relaxation. I'm a fan of writing. I'm a fan of sleeping. I'm a fan of conversation. I got a piece of each of those things this afternoon, making my Sunday complete. I also got to indulge in a pretty fab Mexican meal at a church dinner which I can just say was the cherry on my "sundae".

I'm amazed at the love I feel from my Jesus. The blessings that unexpectedly remind me of that love. The people placed in my life to share with me that love. Even though I may be struggling with contentment, the Lord has shown me in the little things, such as a comfy spot on our velvet couch to laugh with my three favorite girls and a mother who always lets me know how much I'm missed, that there is no other place I'm supposed to be. Thank you Lord for putting me in this moment. For allowing me to mess up and loving me despite my imperfections. I think the possessiveness of my Sunday afternoons come from the fact that that's my day to slow down, soak in my Father's love. And to thankfully come out relaxed and refreshed, drowning in the love that washes me white as snow.

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