Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I hope I've raised you well.

Lately, I have spent hours and hours perfecting my reusme. Getting a million people's opinions. Fixing every detail. Reading further into every minute thing. I'm about to send it out. It's about to go out into the world all on its lonesome. I can only hope I taught it well. And prepared it for this day. I've raised it from the beginning and can only pray it will get the job done and show me off as I hoped it would.

The results will take time. But I can only pray they will be positive things I hear back about this peice of paper I have come to know and love.

Don't let me down child.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Was a snow day. And a glorious one at that. Here are few things that put a smile on my face today. I would put a picture of my bed to represent sleeping in but these will suffice. I hope you got smacked in the face with a snow ball and made a million snow angels.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Toasts and Spills: Post-It Notes and Valentine's.

Everybody deals with them in some way or another. They may remind them of the dogfood to get on the way home. They may show a number you don't recognize that you're supposed to call back when you get a moment. They may even be an uplifting message that puts that needed smile on your face during your hectic week. As much as I use notes and to-do lists, post-its are showing themselves to be the weakest way possible of giving me those reminders and messages. I post a few around my desk at work thinking, "Perfect, I'll remember now because its in the corner of my computer screen distracting my online browsing." But what still happened? I didn't do what the post-it said to do. And why is that you might ask. Well I'll tell you, my post-it didn't post.


Post-Its: Please do what you're made to do so that I can tell my boss to call his people back when he's expected to. Yeah thanks, that'd be great.
Price of Polaroid Film: If it wasn't so expensive for that film, my room would be covered in polaroids of me and my honey. And us experimenting all the knobs and settings on my camera. It's hard to keep learning when it's costing me what it is. Sheesh.
My Schedule: I know I'm in school and have a job and all, but I have the urge to travel. All the time. Here, there, and everywhere. The whole school and job thing really put a strain on that. As in like, don't make it possible at all.


Valentine's Day: I have the best valentine ever. It's true. Sorry girls, but he's no longer available. I am so loved. He always makes sure I know that. The roses and daises on my kitchen counter are such a charming reminder that I have the most wonderful man. Thank you God for that love.
This Weekend: I'm bursting with excitement to see some long lost friends. The conversation and the laughter will be so sweet. The hugs will be even better. I'll toast to good friendships anytime.
Spring Break Plans: A ski trip in Colorado with my sweet boy's family and friends in a cabin hidden in the mountains? Oh yes Please! Me and my ebay ski pants are gonna own those slopes.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The road to my heart is paved with surprises.

And photographs. Drew surprised me yesterday and he's flying in tomorrow. That's less than 24 hours away. My heart is racing just thinking about it. I'm thinking it's a good Friday to sneak away early...

Sunshine is in the forecast for the next few days. I was beginning to wonder if the sun was ever going to make another appearance. Enjoy your weekend lovies. I'll be soaking in the blue skies with my Mr. Wonderful.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I have a new, very obvious, love for photography. Film Photography. But then again, that's nothing new. I want every camera I see. I want to learn everything I can about how to capture the perfect moments. I want a shoulder strap that carries three cameras. One digital, one film, and one instant film. So that all the magic moments I am a part of can be captured at just the right time. A sweet kiss from my boyfriend. A good laugh from my Daddy. An embrace from my Mother. All the things I never want to forget. I looked at quite a bit of photographs at work today. All different kinds that caught my attention. It's just a whole other world to me. A world I for sure want to step into.

Thank you A Bryan and Jose Villa for inspiring me to capture all my moments. It's going to happen. Mark my words.

Saturday, February 6, 2010