Friday, October 30, 2009

Watch and Learn.

When I was a little girl watching my mom do laundry, she would fill the soap lid with soap and pour it over the clothes. Then she would fill it the soap lid with the water that was coming out and pour that water over all the clothes. I never knew why she did this or how it helped, I just knew it was part of the way she did laundry. There are so many things that daughters do because their mothers did. It may be the simplist things but that's how we were raised and that's who we learned from. I learn so much from my mother. Wether its from ways I want to be just like her or mistakes I see her make that I then learn from. She's an amazing woman and I loved being her sidekick when I was a little girl. She's a blessing of a mother and best friend. As much as I may try to deny it, I think I inherited a little more from her than my crazy curls.

Last night I did my laundry. I started the load and the water started rushing out. I filled up the soap lid with soap and poured it over my whites. I took the lid and filled it with the water coming out and began to pour that water over my clothes. I dont know why I did this or how it helped, I just knew it was part of the way my mom did laundry.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Just Can't Get Enough.

I liked seeing him waiting for me at the airport.

I liked the way he picked me up in his arms when I ran to him.

I liked how organized his room was and knowing he cleaned just for me.

I liked picking him up from class after coffee with one of my best friends.

I liked sharing fried pickles at a little shack for lunch.

I liked the way he took me shopping and was so helpful and patient.

I liked cookng the most amazing dinner ever with him and Nana.

I liked imitaing the screaming woman on "No Deal" with him.

I liked our road trip to the football game and conversation along the way.

I liked the way he suprised me with the cutest new boots right before the game.

I liked the way everytime he looked at me he complimented my hair.

I liked standing next to him and yelling "ROLL TIDE ROLLLL" at the top of my lungs.

I liked how he kept me warm whenever a chill would blow through.

I liked hearing him and his dad talk about the game.

I liked helping him collect cups afterwards.

I liked that him and his dad surprised me with Dreamland's.

I liked watching that last play over and over with his family and freaking out everytime.

I liked the way his parents introduced to me to all their friends at church.

I liked the conversation we all shared over lunch.

I liked how he made sure I made it to the airport on time.

I liked seeing him running to me after parking the car and giving me a great goodbye.

I didn't like looking out the plane window and seeing Alabama drift out of sight.

All that to say, that weekend could not have been any better.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

I'm cold but the Chocolate's good.


The temperature of the Business Building: It doesn't matter what the weather is outside, you can always count on it to be about 42 degress in any class. As if trying to understand the beta on a stock isn't hard enough already, try doing that when you can't stop shivering. Makes for a pretty tough eight'0'clock class.

Hard Wood Floors: I'll admit I love the way they look, but keeping those suckas clean is a whole other issue. And it's a tough issue. It doesn't matter how many times we sweep, mop, or scrub they don't get clean. It's like the dust and crumbs come up out of the floor, cause I know we aren't that messy.

Patience: I'm struggling with that more than ever as I am trying to wait 6 days to see Drew. It's hard, and it's really taking everything in me to not just run straight to Alabama. I mean i've been lengthening my runs, wouldn't that be even better practice?


Hershey's Chocolates: Shae filled our candy bowl with some delicious, melt in your mouth chocolate kisses and they are mighty good. Too good even. Every time I walk by the table I seriously think they are yelling to be eaten. And anyone who knows me and my love affair with chocolate knows that I give in, everytime.

My high school Football games: I have attended the last three games and yelled my heart out. It's like I have fallen back in love with high school football games. I love being with my family and watching the Bulldogs pull out exciting victories. It's so fun and one of my favorite ways to spend a Friday night.

Homecoming SING: I went to the show Thursday night to see what it was my roommates had been working so hard on for the past two months. They were so so great. I felt like a proud mother screaming and clapping until my hands hurt. I now can say I forgive them for leaving me home alone with Jay Leno every night.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

195 Hours.

That's how long it is until I get to jump on my best friend. Slowly pushing my way through the travelers at the Atlanta airport, looking for his handsome smile in the sea of faces I don't even know and run to give him the biggest hug I am capable of. I treasure our weekends together so much. We always enjoy the greatest afternoons, sweetest nights, and greatest conversations.

I can't wait to sing along in the car and dance like crazy with him. I can't wait to help his sweet Nana cook a great meal. I can't wait to see his Dad and yell our heads off at the Bama game. I can't wait to see his new apartment and spend some time with his roommates. I can't wait to walk next to him and grab his hand when I want to. I can't wait to make him laugh in the simplest ways. It's going to be an absolute blast. And I'm so thankful it worked out.

I like you Andrew. And 195 hours from now, I can't wait to give you the sweetest kiss, and anytime during the weekend that I feel it is necessary.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Young: Party of 5.

From roadtrips to vacations, basketball games to track meets, and home cooked meals to christmas cards, I owe most of who I am today to my family. I didn't realize how absolutely thankful I was for every little thing they've done until I moved out and was no longer waken everyday to my Dad yelling upstairs and Shelby's sneezes. Even though 91 miles would not be classified as a very long distance, it still feels far to me. When I have to miss out on Daley's first year of high school basketball and Shelby's senior year festivities. I wish I could be there for it all. A couple weekends out of the semester don't feel like enough to me. I want to be able to grab lunch with Dad when I've got some interesting business questions for him. I want to be able to rent a movie and cook some desserts with Daley. I want to be able to go look at colleges with Shelby. I want to be able to take spontaneous shopping trips with my Mom. All I can do now is pray hard for them daily and keep my phone my close by when there may be any Young meltdowns they feel like I should be a part of.

Although I must say, all this distance makes the weekends spent with them so much sweeter. Being gone for so long and then coming home helps me to appreciate the simpler things: a sandwich brought to me at a high school football game, a drive home with some really good music, a nap with the sweetest cat in the world, a steak dinner that hit the spot along with some Mi Familia, an afternoon with my amazing Dad in the Hill Country, a delicious batch of chocolate chip cookies made just for me, and an oil change done on my car by my father himself. Not to mention an awesome caving adventure that brought my family even closer as we got to crawl 200 feet underground and sing our favorite songs together till the souls of Dad's shoes fell off. Thank you Jesus for my precious family and these great memories.

Friday, October 2, 2009

A Faithful Bride.

Ezekiel 16
"..because the splendor I had given you made your beauty perfect.."

I want to be a faithful bride. A bride who loves her God with all she has. A bride who gives Him all the glory. A bride who gives Him all her attention. A bride who appreciates the love He has for her. A bride who strives to be adorned with jewels of wisdom and colors of humilty. A bride that uses what her God has given to the best of her abilities.

I read this chapter this moring and was immediately humbled and aware of how ugly we are before the Lord picks us up in His hands. It's such a beautiful picture of the Lord and such an unlovely picture of us. 'We are His portion and He is our prize, drawn to redemption by the grace in His eyes.' He deserves every ounce of love our hearts can possibly give. I don't want to hold anything back from my Father. What kind of bride are you to our God?