Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Just Can't Get Enough.

I liked seeing him waiting for me at the airport.

I liked the way he picked me up in his arms when I ran to him.

I liked how organized his room was and knowing he cleaned just for me.

I liked picking him up from class after coffee with one of my best friends.

I liked sharing fried pickles at a little shack for lunch.

I liked the way he took me shopping and was so helpful and patient.

I liked cookng the most amazing dinner ever with him and Nana.

I liked imitaing the screaming woman on "No Deal" with him.

I liked our road trip to the football game and conversation along the way.

I liked the way he suprised me with the cutest new boots right before the game.

I liked the way everytime he looked at me he complimented my hair.

I liked standing next to him and yelling "ROLL TIDE ROLLLL" at the top of my lungs.

I liked how he kept me warm whenever a chill would blow through.

I liked hearing him and his dad talk about the game.

I liked helping him collect cups afterwards.

I liked that him and his dad surprised me with Dreamland's.

I liked watching that last play over and over with his family and freaking out everytime.

I liked the way his parents introduced to me to all their friends at church.

I liked the conversation we all shared over lunch.

I liked how he made sure I made it to the airport on time.

I liked seeing him running to me after parking the car and giving me a great goodbye.

I didn't like looking out the plane window and seeing Alabama drift out of sight.

All that to say, that weekend could not have been any better.

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