Thursday, October 15, 2009

I'm cold but the Chocolate's good.


The temperature of the Business Building: It doesn't matter what the weather is outside, you can always count on it to be about 42 degress in any class. As if trying to understand the beta on a stock isn't hard enough already, try doing that when you can't stop shivering. Makes for a pretty tough eight'0'clock class.

Hard Wood Floors: I'll admit I love the way they look, but keeping those suckas clean is a whole other issue. And it's a tough issue. It doesn't matter how many times we sweep, mop, or scrub they don't get clean. It's like the dust and crumbs come up out of the floor, cause I know we aren't that messy.

Patience: I'm struggling with that more than ever as I am trying to wait 6 days to see Drew. It's hard, and it's really taking everything in me to not just run straight to Alabama. I mean i've been lengthening my runs, wouldn't that be even better practice?


Hershey's Chocolates: Shae filled our candy bowl with some delicious, melt in your mouth chocolate kisses and they are mighty good. Too good even. Every time I walk by the table I seriously think they are yelling to be eaten. And anyone who knows me and my love affair with chocolate knows that I give in, everytime.

My high school Football games: I have attended the last three games and yelled my heart out. It's like I have fallen back in love with high school football games. I love being with my family and watching the Bulldogs pull out exciting victories. It's so fun and one of my favorite ways to spend a Friday night.

Homecoming SING: I went to the show Thursday night to see what it was my roommates had been working so hard on for the past two months. They were so so great. I felt like a proud mother screaming and clapping until my hands hurt. I now can say I forgive them for leaving me home alone with Jay Leno every night.

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