Friday, October 30, 2009

Watch and Learn.

When I was a little girl watching my mom do laundry, she would fill the soap lid with soap and pour it over the clothes. Then she would fill it the soap lid with the water that was coming out and pour that water over all the clothes. I never knew why she did this or how it helped, I just knew it was part of the way she did laundry. There are so many things that daughters do because their mothers did. It may be the simplist things but that's how we were raised and that's who we learned from. I learn so much from my mother. Wether its from ways I want to be just like her or mistakes I see her make that I then learn from. She's an amazing woman and I loved being her sidekick when I was a little girl. She's a blessing of a mother and best friend. As much as I may try to deny it, I think I inherited a little more from her than my crazy curls.

Last night I did my laundry. I started the load and the water started rushing out. I filled up the soap lid with soap and poured it over my whites. I took the lid and filled it with the water coming out and began to pour that water over my clothes. I dont know why I did this or how it helped, I just knew it was part of the way my mom did laundry.

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