Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween Candy and Warm Toes

Halloween Candy: Man oh man. That stuff is all over our house. In ever bowl, in every box. The scariest part of Halloween to me is how much I give in and eat chocolate all day. And lately, it's really been scaring me.
Being called on in class and not knowing the answer: The professor looks at you and expects you to wow him with how much you read the chapter, when no one in the class even opened their book. They're all thinking. "HA! Let's see what answer you can come up cause I sure didn't have one ready."
When there are no parking spots left in the Business Lot: I just don't really feel like parking anywhere else. Anything outisde that lot is not the distance I am used to walking. So what do I end up doing? I circle around and wait till someone looks like they may be leaving, then sneakishly (and by that I mean stalkerishly) drive slowly behind them till they reach their car and back out. What's that you say? Would I like your parking spot? Why yes, I would be just delighted.

My new UGG boots: My boyfriend is the greatest. And my feet definitely thank him for the warmth these shoes give me. I wear those suckas everywhere. I hate when my feet get cold, so I just slip these on before class and know that I won't have to worry about it. Bottom line, I just lurv these boots. Andrew, here's to you and knowing exactly what I needed.
The stray cat Leopold: He is just plain precious. My roommates say they hate him but then I'll catch them slipping him some leftovers or making his bed more comfortable. I know they're fallen for his soft fur and faint meow. I thoroughly enjoy seeing him waiting for me on the porch when I pull up. He adds a lot to the Radpad and I say he's a great addition. Leopold, I raise my glass to you and the way you decided to land on our yard.
Those dreaded P90X workouts: This is a love/ hate relationship I share with this DVD set. I've been faithfully doing a workout a night and strangely enough, I look forward to them everyday. Then during the workout, I'm fighting every move and coaching myself to finish Lateral Leapfrog Squats. But all in all, a toast to you Tony Horton, for repeating yourself over and over so that I can burn all the calories that Halloween candy is attacking me with.

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