Sunday, November 22, 2009


This is proof that I spent the whole weekend in front of a computer, dealing with end of semester homework that I hate oh so much. In the middle of marketing strategies and consumer behavior articles I also got to spend some sweet time with my baby sister, Daley Joy. It was fun, appreciated, and so needed. We laughed, we ate, we talked, we decorated, and did I mention we laughed? She has the most precious heart of any girl I know. I just ache to let her know how special she is and loved she is. I feel as though I can never express how I want nothing less then the magnificent best for her. She's at time in her life where the decisions she makes now will seriously affect her more and more. I love seeing her grow in the Lord. It amazes me. I strive to have the faith and integrity she does. Let's just say I could go on for hours. Thank you Jesus for my amazing family. I'm blown away by how fabulous they are. I'm so ready for some good family time this week. Plus with the Chapmans. Woohoo. This is gonna be good in.....2 DAYS. Ohhh yes.

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