Saturday, November 14, 2009

Truly, Madly, Deeply.

I called my Dad last night to talk to him, thinking I would catch him watching a little TV or cleaning out the garage. I asked, "So what are you doing?" and I hear my mom in background say loudly, "We're going on a random Thursday night date!"

They are so unbelievably in love. I love the example they have set for me. Seeing the simple ways they still flirt with each other after twenty-two years of marriage. Sometimes I feel like I get a glimps of them as newly weds, and I like that. My dad uses his creativity in the cutest ways to make my mom giddy on her hardest day. The love they share for each other truly inspires me to love with every piece of my being. To strive for a love like they have and to practice the patience and edurance they have for each other. My father is without a doubt the most patient man I know. Not only with my bold mother but with all of his four girls. Although my mother is a very passionate woman, she uses that passion for life to love my dad in the deepest way possible. Seeing them continue to fall more in love everyday is heaven for me. And makes me and my sisters strive to find a twety-three year old version of Mr. Rod Young.

The selfless love my parents share makes me so excited to share life with a man like that someday. To love him with all that I have. To be as selfless as I can all to express that love. To trust in the Lord to guide us in the strongest love imaginable.

I guess cleaning the garage will have to wait, they're going to listen to Rod Stewart and shop for light fixtures.

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