Thursday, October 8, 2009

Young: Party of 5.

From roadtrips to vacations, basketball games to track meets, and home cooked meals to christmas cards, I owe most of who I am today to my family. I didn't realize how absolutely thankful I was for every little thing they've done until I moved out and was no longer waken everyday to my Dad yelling upstairs and Shelby's sneezes. Even though 91 miles would not be classified as a very long distance, it still feels far to me. When I have to miss out on Daley's first year of high school basketball and Shelby's senior year festivities. I wish I could be there for it all. A couple weekends out of the semester don't feel like enough to me. I want to be able to grab lunch with Dad when I've got some interesting business questions for him. I want to be able to rent a movie and cook some desserts with Daley. I want to be able to go look at colleges with Shelby. I want to be able to take spontaneous shopping trips with my Mom. All I can do now is pray hard for them daily and keep my phone my close by when there may be any Young meltdowns they feel like I should be a part of.

Although I must say, all this distance makes the weekends spent with them so much sweeter. Being gone for so long and then coming home helps me to appreciate the simpler things: a sandwich brought to me at a high school football game, a drive home with some really good music, a nap with the sweetest cat in the world, a steak dinner that hit the spot along with some Mi Familia, an afternoon with my amazing Dad in the Hill Country, a delicious batch of chocolate chip cookies made just for me, and an oil change done on my car by my father himself. Not to mention an awesome caving adventure that brought my family even closer as we got to crawl 200 feet underground and sing our favorite songs together till the souls of Dad's shoes fell off. Thank you Jesus for my precious family and these great memories.

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