Wednesday, October 14, 2009

195 Hours.

That's how long it is until I get to jump on my best friend. Slowly pushing my way through the travelers at the Atlanta airport, looking for his handsome smile in the sea of faces I don't even know and run to give him the biggest hug I am capable of. I treasure our weekends together so much. We always enjoy the greatest afternoons, sweetest nights, and greatest conversations.

I can't wait to sing along in the car and dance like crazy with him. I can't wait to help his sweet Nana cook a great meal. I can't wait to see his Dad and yell our heads off at the Bama game. I can't wait to see his new apartment and spend some time with his roommates. I can't wait to walk next to him and grab his hand when I want to. I can't wait to make him laugh in the simplest ways. It's going to be an absolute blast. And I'm so thankful it worked out.

I like you Andrew. And 195 hours from now, I can't wait to give you the sweetest kiss, and anytime during the weekend that I feel it is necessary.

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