Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Neatest of All Neat Things.

So my boyfriend goes to Auburn University. It's far from me. 882 miles to be exact. But that school really is amazing and even though he doesn't get to walk me to class, meet me for quick lunch dates before work, or cuddle up to watch Parenthood with me, I'm glad he goes to such a neat school and gets to experience the lovely town of Auburn. I've gone to visit a few times and it's just gorgeous there. I absolutely love it.

But anyways, I'm also a huge Taylor Swift, along with every other 15 year old girl in the universe and Drew told me about a thing that some guys at Auburn started back in March called a Hug From Taylor Swift. They formed a website with videos and their plans to meet and she answered back, giving them different challenges to conquer. Long story short, the other day Drew called me telling me Taylor Swift came to Auburn and did a suprise show for them! How neat is that?

The whole story is on their website and it really is the neatest thing. How creative all the videos are and the way they got so many peolpe involved.
All that to say, you really need to check this out:

I've wished many times, for many reasons, that I went to Auburn sometimes. Never have I wished that I went there more than when Drew called me that day.

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