Friday, May 14, 2010

Hey Daddy, Turn It Up.

1. David Gray / Please Forgive Me
2. John Mellancamp / Small Town
3. Rod Stewart / That's All
4. Pearl Jam / Just Breathe
5. Joshua Kadison / Jessie
6. Van Morrison / Moondance

My dad and I have always been super close. We're a lot alike and share quite a few of the same interests. One of those being: music. He has the greatest taste in music. I'll come home for a weekend and he has a list of songs that he has heard randomly and wrote down just so he can share them with me in his jeep on a Sunday afternoon drive. It's so adorable to see how excited he gets over great lyrics or an awesome introduction. He's the reason most of my ipod space is consumed with Rod Stewart and John Mellancamp, along with some others that might make you pause as you scroll through my songs looking for your favorite. So this week's playlist goes to my Daddy, in all his i-live-with-four-girls-and-i'm-still-so-manly glory.

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