Friday, May 21, 2010

Goodbyes Will Never Get Easier.

And here it is, the last two days in the big country. I'm super excited for a new beginning and the big move but I'm bummed to leave friends and the comfort of this town. But it's okay, because I'm even more excited about whats to come. I sure have a long weekend ahead of me. My darling Abby is coming in tonight and I can't wait to go out with her. We are so behind on catching up and some conversations are needed. Oh, and my room is so bare. It's a little depressing but that's when I think of all the ideas I can't wait to put together in the apartment, and I have to tell myself to calm down before I start painting everything I own and buying out every thrift store.

Photo by: Apartment #34

Here's a toast to spending all weekend in your best dress, just because you know you look so lovely.


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