Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Guest Post by Design Shuffle: Perfectly Pale Spaces

Hi. I’m Joanna, a blogger for Design Shuffle, an addictive site with tons of images of interior designers work for the décor obsessed. I get to spend my days on blogs such as Toasts and Spills gathering home decorating ideas to share with readers like you. I hope you enjoy my post today about perfectly pale spaces.

Rooms done in the palest hues appear romantic and nostalgic. My favorite spaces are the ones patinaed with age in the French and Tuscan styles. I adore the worn and comforting feel of a well-loved sofa or the muted pink of a weathered wall. What is your favorite pale hue?

Pale Spaces
White washed floors, greige trim and soft pink walls are what make this patinaed room so inviting. I especially love the box of shells above the door.
Pale Spaces

The color in this room reminds me of the inside of a seashell. It looks so beautiful mixed with the gray and black details. A beautiful soft hue like this would look romantic in all living room designs!
Pale Spaces

This pale lavender and bright white room looks soft and welcoming. Wouldn’t you love to stop over for a bit of tea?
Pale Spaces

Muted purples give this interior design an ethereal quality. I love the pure femininity of the space. The chandelier adds a special touch.
Pale Spaces

Natural linen seems to be the order of the day in this sitting room. The soft muslin and lace at the widows is so romantic. I bet the bunch of lavender in the background smells wonderful.
Pale Spaces

This room looks so French with its soft muted walls and flowing panels framing the door to a conservatory. I’m in love...
Pale Spaces

A patinaed china cabinet holding antique china in many different patterns provides the backdrop for the farmhouse kitchen. Does this lovely room stir up any kitchen design ideas?
Pale Spaces

The palest blues are accented with a vividly hued globe in the enchanting light fixture. This room inspires so many interior design ideas. Images 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

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  1. Such pretty pics! Lately I've been loving a white/lavender/pale green color combo. It feel so refreshing.

    From Brooklyn with love,



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