Wednesday, January 13, 2010

All the Little Things.

I notice all the little things. It may even be safe to say I search for them. I'm thankful for those things today. Those things that most people tend to miss. Those things that peolpe don't think are worth acknowledging. Those things made my day today. I'm thankful for:
-long, tiring trips to Wal-mart with the roommates that ends in loose Cherubs
-a class being cancelled on its second day
-cheaper textbooks
-a family that begs me to come home every weekend
-seeing old friends in classes and getting to know you have all semester to catch up
-a song that comes on the radio that makes you want to pull the car over and dance, but you only get the space of the driver's seat
-screaming ROLL TIDE in the snow, in Alabama, when they won the National Championship
-really really good photography
-my group of ACU girls that tell the greatest stories
-days that I am so vulnerable and weak, the only thing that can help is time drowning myself in the word of the Lord
-the smallest things that remind me of Kanakuk and the million ways it changed my life
-moments when Drew isn't afraid to challenge me and see my scared, exposed, imperfect self, yet still love me like no one can
-praying my heart out for those girls I'll teach at the upcoming Disciple Now and not even having met them yet
-working out with Drew's mom, cooking with Drew's mom, watching movies with Drew's mom, just hanging out with Drew's mom basically
-playing Words with Friends and getting to use that Triple Word
-how entertaining Drew and his dad are together
-my UGG Boots and my new favorite crimson Alabama hat.

I love the love of the Lord. His perfect, graceful, unconditional love. That motivates us. That cleanses us. That heals us. That guides us. That forgives us. That embraces us. That connects us. That chooses us.

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