Thursday, December 10, 2009

Cold Hands and The End.

Cold Hands- For some reason unknown to me, my hands are always cold in the wintertime. When my hands are always frozen, it's just simply hard to function. I guess I could wear gloves everywhere I go but that makes it even harder to grab things, stamp things, and type things, all of which help to bring in my paycheck. So that'd be a no on the gloves every minute of every day, although I do wear them whenever I can. And I mean the glittens are nice around the house, but let's face it, those aren't professional no matter what kind you get.

My Broken Chair- My chair broke at work yesterday, like the thing we rest our feet on. It was loud. It was embarassing. It was not my fault. Everyone looked at me like "Really Macy? That was loud and we're trying to shop online and read the news." So I just kept my eyes forward and continued admiring some great photography. But I will say, the blood did began to rush to my feet rather quickly, so yes, I did switch my chair with Sam's after she left.

Country Music Radio- Do you think they realize they play the exact same songs every hour? If I hear the words "Baby what are we becoming.." start a song again, there's really no telling what I'll do.

The End of the Semester- It's a thrilling feeling to be finished. And to know I'm improving. I don't even know what to do with myself when I'm home or just sitting at work. I feel like I need to be writing a paper or studying, but yes, it does feel good to just sit and not have to figure out any finance problems that really hurt my brain.

My Sweet Roommates- It's been fun to just hang out with them and study together or catch a good show. The house will sure be quiet without them over Christmas break. No tap taping from Hope's Makeup, or Shae's alarm going off, or Meredith trying to sing whatever song she last heard. I just love those girls.

Picture Texts from my Boy- He's sweet. Just so sweet. I miss him more everyday. Honestly. The picture texts remind me how adorbale he is and how stinkin lucky I am. So very very lucky.

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