Monday, July 19, 2010

You May Need a Bib With That, Kid.

Today at lunch, I spilled a little bit of food on my dress. Does this happen to me often? Yes. Am I quick enough to get it off before the stain has already unpacked and settled in? No. For some reason, I never notice the mess I've made until everyone else has had a chance to see it. Until I've left lunch and sat back down at my desk knowing I walked around with a piece of my lunch on my shirt for a good while. Now I'm not proud of this trait. I'm not writing this so that you can give me a prize for messy meals or feel sorry for me and my clumsiness. I'm writing this to show you, that I know I can make a mess of pretty much anything. And if you are to see me after a meal with a stain on my shirt, skirt, dress, etc. and you think to yourself, "Does she know that's there? Should I tell her? Or will that embarrass her?" The answers to those questions: No, I'm not aware of the mess I've just made, even if it is expected. Please tell me since chances are it's been there a while. And no, you won't embarrass me, I'm used to conversations such as these.

I know I should probably wear a bib to save me from this bad habit, but I would much rather prefer these glorious "bibs". They may not save my clothes, but maybe while you're admiring one of these beautiful necklaces, your eyes won't notice the stain.





Photos by: Captivate Moi

Ps, Isn't that orange camera fab?


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