Monday, July 5, 2010

Long Weekends Would Be my New Best Friend.

If they didn't leave so quickly. I have a feeling they wouldn't be the most reliable of friends. Maybe they do come at the perfect time, but it seems as though they are gone so quick that you don't even get to enjoy the bliss they bring. I filled up my weekend with shopping, a Rangers game, a reunion with my favorite girl, fireworks, a splendid movie, new friends and my first black bean burger. I mean it just doesn't get any better than that.

It was good to have some time to relax considering the week ahead of me. With my mom coming, getting everything ready for our work anniversary party on Thursday and packing for vacation next week, I could really use some quiet time on this lovely porch in the morning.


There's even a spot for my potential best friend "Mr. Long Weekend", if he hadn't vanished so quickly.
Have a lovely four day week!


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  1. Love your blog, it inspires me!


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