Thursday, May 26, 2011

Guest Post by Design Shuffle: A Week of Flowers

On a daily basis, fresh flowers in our homes may be a luxury for many of us. Unless, of course, we’re lucky enough to have a garden with spring and summer blooming flowers. For those of us sans the blooming garden and decorating ideas, we've chosen a week of incredible flowers that can be grown in the yard or garden. All that’s needed is a green thumb and some patience. Or the number of a good, local florist.

Sunday {lilac}

One of our favorite spring flowers is the classic lilac. Ranging in color from whites to pale pinks, lavenders to deep purples; bunched together these clusters of tiny blooms are gorgeous. And the scent will make your home smell fresh and sweet without being cloying.

Flickr {via}

Monday {peonies}

Our love for peonies is bordering on obsession. Peonies are simply gorgeous. A single heavy bloom in a vase beside the bed makes us happy. Such a sensuous, beautiful flower, peonies range from white to ballet slipper pink to the deepest burgundies and everything in between.

1800 Flowers {via}

Tuesday {lily of the valley}

Lily of the Valley is another old fashioned flower like lilacs that is a Spring time favorite. These have a very short blooming season so grab them when you see them. Clustered together, the tiny bell shaped blooms have a delicate, fresh scent.

Chic Coles {via}

Wednesday {irises}

Irises are one of the few blue flowers that occur naturally. We love them mixed with other flowers or a large bunch in a simple vase. Some kitchen designs feature a windowsill just waiting for fresh blooms.

Without A Hitch Weddings {via}

Thursday {dahlias}

We're mad about dahlias. These versatile flowers rage from huge dinner plate size to diminutive architectural wonders. Dahlias come in almost every imaginable color.

Country Living {via}

Friday {ranunculus}

Ranunculus reminds us of a cross between a poppy, a dahlia and a peony. Lovely silvery green stems offset nearly every color of the rainbow from yellow to purple.

Buds Online {via}

Saturday {irish bells}

A simple, architectural flower, Irish bells, are a gorgeous addition to mixed arrangements, or stunning on their own for a modern feel.

Jeffrey Erb {via}

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  1. so beautiful. i so miss my lilac bushes at my old house.

  2. Thank you again Macy for giving us the opportunity to guest write on your wonderful blog.


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