Thursday, March 4, 2010

If I'd Known Then.

A letter to the 15 year old Macy. Curls and all.

Dear Mace Face,

Somehow that name stuck with you and you will never find out why. Just that it fits and you will find people saying, "Can I call you Mace Face?" and you will answer politely, "Sure."

It's okay that you don't have a cell phone and all your friends do. It really isn't as big as of a deal as you make it. And even though Mom and Daddy promise they will not get you one for Christmas, that it will be forever until you have one, they'll end up getting you one for Christmas and you'll flip. It'll be the best present ever. Speaking of Mom and Dad, go easy on them. Even though they're full of rules and curfews, they'll become your best friends when you go to college. You'll understand the love they have for you and you'll never ever know how to express how much you love and truly apreciate them. Be the girl they raise you to be. Make them proud. Set a good example for your sisters. You'll find that you're a strong and determined girl who will stay true to her morals and values and never give in. You'll be so thankful for that in the years to come. In so many ways.

You have the perfect group of friends. Be so thankful for your smalltown and the friends you came to know at recess during kindergarten. You'll remember sophmore summer the most and all the days spent at Ten Mile and all the drives in your red mustang with the top down. You guys will go through a lot together and you'll think about how you can't imagine being friends with any body else besides these girls and guys. You'll spend the night in the school parking lot, have parties the whole town will know about, eat at Mac's and Flamingo's way too much, dirve down Bridge Street a billion times a weekend, throw the best prom ever, and be the first class in 20 years to graduate in the auditorium. But distance and college will change a few things. The new friends will come. Although, the reunions with the old will be so sweet.

I know you hate your curls right now more than you hate anything in this world, but you'll learn to love them. And tame them. You'd be a much happier girl if you would just accept those stubborn suckas. Track practice will get harder and harder but your love for the track and Lane 2 will only grow stronger. It's an unexplainable love but it will show just how much your family can support you and wow, it's a whole lot. If you happen to do something crazy like learn how to pole vault, just go with it. You don't have the talent for it like Callie did but you'll enjoy the extra workout and how fun the long practices are after school. Your biggest fear is that at graduation they'll throw their hats without waiting on you to cross the stage but, it'll work out well. Abby, Lyssa, Jake and Brady promise they'll tell everyone to wait on you. The last girl in your class alphabetically. You'll all run to the football field and better yet, you'll get in the middle of it all, of all the people who have stood with you these past 12 years, and you won't miss the hat throwing. It will be one of your top favorite moments. Even though you may be crying instead of laughing. It's okay to be scared. It's okay to miss the girl who had a empty seat on the stage and how she isn't there to throw her hat.

If you can, try to replace your desperation with confidence in the Lord. Don't fall for a guy if he offers to buy your sonic drink or take you to lunch. The tears and the heartbreaks are stupid. You'd be so much happier if you just wouldn't set yourself up for that. Be careful with your heart. Guard it with your life. Save it for him. In fact, even though this may seem like the dumbest piece of advice ever, try to disregard any crushes that may occur. None will compare to the man the Lord has picked for you. They won't even come close, Mace. You can take my word on this one.

The only advice I can give you for college is: TRUST IN THE LORD. You'll go through a lot, you'll cry a lot, you'll doubt many things, but hold on. The Lord has you and there will come a day when it all starts to slowly make sense. That's a good feeling, to see the Lord's plan in action. To see the marvelous things He will do in your life.

When Phil talks to you about how great you'd be at Kanakuk and how much it will change your life. He's right on. Exactly right. It's true. That place hidden in Branson, MO teaches you everything you needed to know all the years prior: Humbleness, Servanthood, Selflessness, Patience, Endurance, Boldness, and what a real relationship looks like, what a real man of God is like and how he will change your life. And make you the happiest girl you ever thought possible.

You'll meet him, Macy. The guy who makes you want to be better. The guy who loves you with all he has. The guy who introduces you to Alabama and real SEC Football. The guy who will show you how fun life can be. The guy who will show you how to be vulnerable and still be loved. The guy who will teach you to fight fairly. The guy who shows you what a real surprise is. The guy who will shower you with the best gifts and the sweetest letters. It will be pure bliss. Mark my words.

You will make it.

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