Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Turn It Up.

1) Peter Bradley Adams / Longer I Run
2) Rosie Thomas / Guess It May
3) Vienna Teng / City Hall
4) Joshua Radin / Paperweight
5) Paige Aufhammer / Longer Road
6) She & Him / You Really Got a Hold On Me

This week's playlist calls for a cup of coffee and conversation just like the last one did. Apparently, I'm in a mellow mood these days. I'll have to share an up-beat playlist next time. Something that will get you out of your seat and movin. These are my favorite songs this week and I could seriously listen to every single one on repeat, on a blanket outside, with a nice breeze, during the golden hour, of course. Number 3 is my super favorite. Adorable lyrics, perfect beat and an angelic voice. And yes, Rosie Thomas made the list again. I don't know if she'll ever get kicked off.

"My baby's lookin' so darned pretty with those anxious eyes,

rainspeckled hair, and my ring to wear....

Oh, me and my baby standing in line.

You've never seen a sight so fine,

than the love that's gonna shine down at City Hall."

--Vienna Teng

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