Thursday, March 11, 2010

We should celebrate.

I think there should be a quaint celebration every year for the end of winter and the perfect appearance of spring. To celebrate sunshine and aviators. Picnics and lemonade. Pedicures and sun kissed skin. It could be held right outside this darling trailor:

And of course there could be some delicious treats set up somewhat like this:

I could twirl in the sun in this adorable little dress:

I would carry my phone and some light pink lip gloss in this perfect little clutch:

These wedges would be quite a fit for my red toenails:
And to top my little outfit off, this glorious necklace will do just fine:

Doesn't that sound like a great plan? You're all invited.

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  1. Well I'm gonna have to toast to your lovely outfit there and your ever increasing improvements to this blog, looks great sweetie. And maybe a little spill to the reason why we don't celebrate spring every year. I wish I could buy u all those things baby. U would look so wonderful


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