Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Have A Seat.

Today at work I was hunting for some lounge seating for a party and one of our go -to sites is Suite 206. I love the sleek modern look yet also shabby chic. I want every piece for my own. To just have every kind in my apartment. So that when I have visitors I'm able to say, "Have a seat in this sweet chair." But I guess an apartment should contain more than just seating, especially when you have to use all the space wisely like in mine. Anyways, feast your eyes on these pieces, some of my sweet favorites.

I found my way around Uptown today. How, you might ask? Trial and error running errands for work. They said that was the best way to find my way around. I mean yes, it is, but it sure isn't the most relaxing way. Happy Tuesday!


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